About the Artist

The love of art and nature became apparent very early in my years as a young child growing up in Birmingham, Michigan, I was always sketching and painting animals. I not only drew what came to mind but used books as a reference for detail.

During my senior year at Anderson High School in Anderson, Indiana, I was selected as the artist to paint the portrait of the school mascot to be displayed in the Administration Building. During this same period I was also awarded an instructional scholarship at the John Heron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My educational background consists of attendance at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, as an art major, as well as Michigan State University and Wayne County Community College where I was enrolled in their Veterinary Technology Program. I graduated from Wayne County Community College in 1984 with a degree as a certified Veterinary Technician. Throughout my college years, much of my time was spent painting wildlife with watercolor as well as on canvas.

While working as a Veterinary Technician I became interested in sculpting animals from clay after taking a ceramics course at a community college. A local miniature shop owner began selling my sculptures, which ultimately led to my sculpting custom pet portraits from photographs. Soon this became my main focus.

In 1985, I submitted samples of my creations to The Nutshell News, one of the leading miniature publications. They ran a feature article on my sculptures entitled “You Can Buy Love”. From that point on, I found myself extremely busy and continued sculpting animal portraits for the next four years.

Since that time, my sculptures have been photographed in and on the covers of several publications. In 1992, I was evaluated by a selection committee for the International Guild of Miniature Artisians and was granted Artisian Status. Also in 1992, I was invited to be a guest artisian at the Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Association’s exclusive “Masterpieces in Miniature” show held in Birmingham, Michigan. In 1995 I was invited to create a series of puppy sculptures for The Hamilton Collection and I worked on a project for the Franklin Mint. My sculptures have also received exposure from my participation in various miniature shows.

Over the years my animal sculptures have evolved into something of which I am very proud. When comparing my original creations with those done in recent years, I can appreciate how much I have grown as an artist.

Published Work
The American Miniaturist Magazine February 2016
Nutshell News
Dogworld Magazine
Oakland Press – Masterpieces in Minia
IGMA Artisan membership since 1992
Miniature catalog cover
Dollhouse Miniatures calendar
The Franklin Mint
The Hamilton Collection